Get organized for your parents’ long term care

If your mom or dad needed long term care today, would you know where to find their long term care insurance policy, their Powers of Attorney, or their will?  Do you know whether your grandma or grandpa prefers a particular assisted living facility or nursing home?  What about in-home caregivers or care managers?  Have your parents or grandparents even thought about those decisions?

Get a Long Term Care Organizer for each of your parents and grandparents.  It’s a downloadable and printable Adobe pdf file in the Toolbox for Seniors.

Unfortunately, this Long Term Care Organizer can’t help answer your family’s tough questions about long term care.  That’s up to you and your loved ones.  At least, though, the organizer does ask some of the important questions.

Print a copy.  Sit with your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa, and work through the questions.  When you’ve gotten through the list, put the completed organizer in a convenient place.  Then, if your loved one ever needs long term care, you know where to find the important documents that the caregivers will want.  More importantly, you’ll know which caregivers your parent or grandparent prefers.

The important papers (insurance policies, will, Powers of Attorney, burial plot deed, etc.) can stay in the safe place they’ve always been.  This organizer will help you find them when needed.

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