The Most Frustrating Words that People Say to Me

The most frustrating words that people say to me are, “I wish I’d met you before . . .”

One person might say, “I wish I’d met you 5 years ago.”  Another might say, “I wish I’d met you 3 months ago.”  Still another might say, “I wish I’d met you before my mom died.”  Of course, I get the generic, “I wish I’d met you before it was too late.”

No matter how it’s said to me, it always means, “I wish I’d met you before the money was gone.”

They might mean their own money.  They might mean their parents’ money.  Either way, the number of people who find out TOO LATE what elder lawyers can do for their families is a big number.

I hear the speaker’s frustration in these words.  (It frustrates me to hear them.)  The words mean that a senior’s life savings is mostly or completely gone.  With that life savings, some of the senior’s dignity, identity, and pride are gone too.

The frustration of a life savings lost is bad enough.  Imagine, though, how the frustration would grow for someone who later finds out what they could have done to prevent the loss.

Don’t let your family members, friends, co-workers, or clients suffer these frustrations.  When someone you know needs long term care, or the need for care is imminent, please help them find an elder law attorney.

The sooner they get help, the better the outcome.

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